Ideas are worthless

We love to develop and pilot concepts we strongly believe in. True to the motto - the best ideas are worthless until they are tested.

Welcome to our d212lab.

Digital Sprint

three modules - your digital sprint

Our customers are unique. To address your specific digital needs, we decided to launch a one-time offer. A modular DIGITAL SPRINT


Your individual sprint combines up to 3 modules within no more than 10 days. Each module is designed to deliver fast and concrete results.

your opportunity

  • Get insights from business transformation experts on digital maturity, continuous improvement and active prototyping
  • Experience real progress on your digital initiatives like never before
  • Witness your business processes on a future-proof platform
  • There is a drawback: You most probably want more for your business :-)

You like great opportunities? Don't waste your chance and let us know.

Digi Lab+

think About your digital lab

Already now, exciting concepts are being developed in your digital lab.

After relevant business processes have been identified and an initial plan for a possible test run has been worked out - what happens next?

Most likely nothing! - The vast majority of all innovation concepts are never implemented and tested.

There are various reasons for this:

  • Too complex to support it from the IT side
  • Too much effort to implement it in parallel to your daily business
  • Too expensive to test it as a prototype or even as a MVP
  • Too time-consuming to launch
You can better.

digi lab+ will take your digital lab to a new level

We provide your digital lab a cutting-edge business engine so you can accelerate beyond sticky notes and visualization walls.

  • Increase the performance and implementation rate of your digital lab
  • Immediately realize your innovative concepts as prototypes or MVPs
  • Start testing with DIGI LAB+ in no time
  • Experience unmatched flexibility in connecting to your existing business processes and IT systems
  • Build future-proof applications that radically adapt to changing environments and transformation challenges

Sounds interesting to you? Then you are on the right track. Let's have a first conversation.

Platform Automation

A true digital Transformation platform

The rapidly increasing pace of digital innovation and transformation exposes many CEOs to a seemingly unsolvable problem.

How can one ensure that urgently needed systems and processes do not become obsolete or need to be readapted even before the integration to the existing IT landscape and organization is completed? ROI? No chance.

There should be a way to adapt applications and business processes in a hyper-flexible and extremly quick manner towards upcoming needs. Imagine be able to easily launch, orchestrate and scale at will mobile and cross-platform processes. Needless to say, even beyond company boundaries. Do you want to integrate a new system? Done. IoT apps, bot apps, cognitive apps. Everything is feasible and much more. A true digital transformation platform.

This means future-proof today.



Most flexible


Scalable in all













Highest security




Contact us. We tackle your challenges. Future-proof.