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We are d2twelve. An innovation consultancy with a clear focus on business transformation and digital service creation. Experience the digital boost beyond sticky notes and create a true impact.

The Challenge

The economy’s future is characterized by the increasing pace at which innovations - game-changing technologies and radically new business models - hit the market.

Today, business leaders face a fundamental change in the competitive environment, and a consumer behavior which is rapidly changing.

To master these challenges a company must focus as much on the inside of the organization as the outside.

That is why d2twelve has put together a comprehensive range of services to support you in the best possible way.

Digital Business

Absolute customer centricity is a must. Speed is crucial. Leverage our innovation process to accelerate your future business.


CDO as a Service

A new approach to efficiently enable small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the emerging challenges of their businesses. 

Digital Sprint

3 modules - your individual digital sprint. Experience real progress on your initiatives like never before.

Digi Lab+

No more theory - it's time to demonstrate real innovation. Take your digital lab to a new level.

Platform Automation

Easily launch, orchestrate and scale at will mobile and cross-platform processes. A true digital transformation platform.

First Date

Nice to meet you! Having a first date is always exciting. But even more important: we will learn a lot from each other and gain some valuable insights. And who knows - maybe it will be the starting point for something GREAT.

  • First date, first impression, first insights
  • We will also run a quick assessment during our date
  • And it is definitely free of charge

No need to wait any longer. Let us fix our date!

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