Customer experience first

Defining groundbreaking digital strategies and shaping an implementation roadmap to meet the emerging challenges of your business.

Creating new business opportunities and validating digital business models.

Succeeding with creativity, speed, and agile methodology.

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CDO as a Service

offering for the German Mittelstand

Our unique CDO-as-a-SERVICE offering defines a new approach to efficiently enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to meet the emerging challenges of their businesses.

We drive your digital business model

Forget about wrong priorities, lack of expertise, painfully slow progress and steadily escalating project costs. With our service offering, we will make you feel the progress of your business transformation.

How do we achieve this?

We will purely shape our service to your individual transformation path. In other words, the CDO-as-a-SERVICE iterations are highly customizable, even during runtime and at no additional costs. This ensures that you will have the required competences at the right time to successfully drive your business transformation. No excuses.

Flexible, effective, investment safe - always at scale.


  • Flexibility in desired expertise and prioritization of upcoming key topics
  • Re-allocation of funds within an iteration cycle


  • Coverage of various fields of competence
  • Additional pool of subject matter experts


  • Short iteration cycles (1-3 months)
  • No surprises about the budget


  • Implementation competence in digital products and digital process automation
  • Capacity for short-term implementation of initiatives and prototypes

Do you feel there is no need for a dedicated CDO role or a CDO service within your company? That's fine. However, we highly recommend that every company analyzes potential opportunities and threats to its current business model.


We are happy to support you and provide valuable insights and guidance to the members of your leadership team.

Let us tackle the future together.

Business Transformation

In the end, it is all about business transformation. Here are some details of our service portfolio to create a sustainable customer experience.


  • Develop new business models and transform traditional services
  • Create product innovations using agile and lean methodologies
  • Gain instant customer feedback and insights with design sprint, active prototyping and live testing
  • Identify and connect with promising cooperations to speed up innovation


  • Assess, rate, and prioritize digital initiatives
  • Elaborate improvement measures
  • Develop a customized KPI system for digital services
  • Provide market observation and foresight


  • Develop pricing models and strategies as well as real life market validation
  • Derive best suitable billing and payment strategies
  • Implement alternative sales channels to broaden digital footprint
  • Create digital lock-in effects to increase customer retention
  • Identify scaling factors


  • Derive and refine the corporate digital strategy and enhance the companies’ digital maturity
  • Identify the ideal organizational structure for your interdisciplinary teams
  • Set up an innovation lab or a digital unit inside or outside the companies’ core
  • Implement lean startup methods


  • Translate a strategic product roadmap into prioritized digital product initiatives
  • Develop and manage digital programs
  • Introduce and optimize agile product development processes
  • Implement digital process automation
  • Introduce a digital transformation platform

You have a project in mind? We would love to discuss how d2twelve could help you.