Building tomorrow's business

Creating new business opportunities and validating digital business models. Succeeding with creativity, speed, and methodology. Your fast lane into the future.


There is the one and only focus you need to apply:

Your customers' pain points

We are convinced that entrepreneurial visions and purposeful executions are crucial. But speed is key.

Fast prototyping. Fast failing. Fast learning. Again.

Speed up innovation 


Discover and understand the real pain points of your customers. Identify possible measures to address them. Simply said? Using innovation methods like design thinking and creative questioning, we will guide you through this process purposefully.


Fast prototyping of the most promising concepts. Gain instant customer feedback and insights with design sprints, active prototyping and live testing. There will be some iterations - for sure.


Build a minimum viable product (MVP) to test the actual customer acceptance in the market. Collect real user data to optimize the product.


Once a product solution has been found that satisfactorily solves the customer pain points, it's time to market and scale based on real data.

While steps 1 to 3 ideally take place outside the core organization, the new product can now be integrated into the organization to best support scaling and product lifecycle.

Wanna launch products that your customers love?


Our CDOaaSERVICE offering defines a new approach to efficiently enable small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the emerging challenges of their businesses.

Forget about wrong priorities, lack of expertise, painfully slow progress and steadily escalating project costs. With our service offering, we will make you feel the progress of your business transformation. How do we achieve this?

Flexible, effective, investment safe - always at scale

We will purely shape our service to your individual transformation path. In other words, the CDOaaSERVICE iterations are highly customizable, even during runtime and at no additional costs. This ensures that you will have the required competences at the right time to successfully drive your business transformation. No excuses.

Some more details


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  • Flexibility in desired expertise and prioritization of upcoming key topics
  • Re-allocation of funds within an iteration cycle


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  • Coverage of various fields of competence
  • Additional pool of subject matter experts


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  • Short iteration cycles (1-3 months)
  • No surprises about the budget


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  • Implementation competence in digital products and digital process automation
  • Capacity for short-term implementation of initiatives and prototypes

Let us tackle the future together.


Today, business agility means more than ever before. For corporates, storm conditions are the new normal.

Everything is in motion 

Promote the flexibility of your organization to react quickly and effectively to changing environments.

How do you achieve this and what concise steps do you need to take? Past experience has highlighted three success factors to which we should direct all our activities:

Confidence, Creativity, and Collaboration

This ensures that everything we do for you and your company pays off and strengthen your transformation progress. 
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Unleash the full potential of your organization

It is all about business transformation