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Our CDOaaSERVICE offering defines a new approach to efficiently enable small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the emerging challenges of their businesses.

Forget about wrong priorities, lack of expertise, painfully slow progress and steadily escalating project costs. With our service offering, we will make you feel the progress of your business transformation. How do we achieve this?

Flexible, effective, investment safe - always at scale

We will purely shape our service to your individual transformation path. In other words, the CDOaaSERVICE iterations are highly customizable, even during runtime and at no additional costs. This ensures that you will have the required competences at the right time to successfully drive your business transformation. No excuses.

Some more details


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  • Flexibility in desired expertise and prioritization of upcoming key topics
  • Re-allocation of funds within an iteration cycle


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  • Coverage of various fields of competence
  • Additional pool of subject matter experts


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  • Short iteration cycles (1-3 months)
  • No surprises about the budget


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  • Implementation competence in digital products and digital process automation
  • Capacity for short-term implementation of initiatives and prototypes

Let us tackle the future together.


Our customers are unique. To address your specific digital needs, we decided to launch a one-time offer. A modular DIGITAL SPRINT.

We boost your digital experience

Your individual sprint combines up to 3 modules. Each module is designed to deliver fast and concrete results.

Due to numerous customer requests, we introduced a 4th module to enable an extended testing phase after the digital sprint.

Pick your modules

Digital Strategy

Evaluation of the existing strategy and prioritization of the most urgent target sectors

Lean Processing

Detailed review of a specific business process including potential improvements

Active Prototyping

Implement one of your business processes as an executable application

Test Environment

Additional 2 months of operation & test environment in the cloud

Your opportunity

  • Get insights from business transformation experts on digital maturity, continuous improvement and active prototyping
  • Experience real progress on your digital initiatives like never before
  • Witness your business processes on a future-proof platform
  • There is a drawback: You most probably want more for your business :-)

You like great opportunities? Don't waste your chance and let us know.

It is all about business transformation